Where Should You Place an Air Purifier for Optimal Performance?

When it comes to air purifiers, placement is key. To ensure optimal performance and air purification, it's important to place the air purifier in an area free of obstructions and at least two feet away from other objects. The most polluted and busy rooms in a home are the best places to put an air purifier, such as the bedroom. It should be placed at a distance of six to ten feet from the head of the bed, so that the air does not blow directly into your face.

The air inlet should be facing the bed, so that the air around the bed is filtered first. Placing the purifier to one side of the room is ideal because of the way particles diffuse into an area. The height at which the air cleaner is placed also makes a big difference in its overall functionality. It should never be placed on the floor, but rather three to five feet from the ground for best results.

If the bedroom is large, you may need to move the appliance closer to the bed, approximately six to ten feet, to filter the air you are breathing. If you opt for a table or floor air purifier, make sure to place it away from a place where it could get wet or splashed with oil or sauce from your kitchen. For cleaner air without sacrificing peace and silence in your home, consider an Airocide air purifier. Placing it in the kitchen is a good way to intercept odors before they reach the rest of the house.

To determine the air quality in each room, use an air quality monitoring device such as the IQAIR Air Visual Pro Air Quality Monitor (available on Amazon). Following these suggestions on where to place air purifiers will ensure that the air you breathe is clean and free of any contaminants. Since living rooms are usually larger than other rooms in a house, make sure that your air purifier has enough cleaning capacity for that room. In a higher position, small air purifiers will work better because they don't need to suck in air from below.

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