What is the Best Air Purifier Money Can Buy?

The best air purifier you can buy today is the Coway AP-1512 HH Mighty. It is a PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier that has been carefully tested and considered to be one of the best air purifier options. It has a smart design and a good investment, and it can filter out smoke and particles in the air while providing fresh air. It also does not produce significant ozone, as tested by the California EPA.

The Coway HEPA air purifier is one of the best air purifiers for medium-sized rooms with one of the most adventurous looks. The Blueair Blue Pure 411 is a simple and straightforward purifier with a smart design and a good investment. It can work well in a 160 square foot room, making it the best overall air purifier for small rooms. If you have the money and want a super-powered air purifier, or if you prefer a purifier to cover your entire house than buy one for each room, the Coway Airmega 400 could be the best air purifier for you.

This thing costs a dime, but you get 1,560 square foot air cleaning coverage. The Levoit LV-H134 covers up to 710 square feet with a CADR of 312 CFM. This can generate some noise, and we found that the decibel range is between 18 and 45 dB. The Coway 1512 has a coverage area of 360 m2. Ft.

This suction level can generate noise in the range of 20-54 dB. The 300S uses a HEPA filter with an activated carbon layer that is easy to replace as needed with a CADR of 141 CFM. When it comes to performance, the Levoit 400S performed best in removing airborne particles in our home tests, capturing at least 99.5% and up to 100% of particles during testing. The Coway-AP-1512HH air cleaner also benefits from a built-in particle sensor that will show a blue light when the air is clean, purple to indicate pollution and red for high pollution.

It also has sensors that can adjust fan speed to keep the air clean, so you don't have to alter settings. The Coway AP-1512HH is an air purifier suitable for small room spaces up to 361 square feet, making it suitable for smaller spaces and bedrooms. We burned a series of matches to check how well the purifier captures the particles and found that at a level 10 setting, it captured 95% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns, 96% of particles smaller than 2.5 microns, and nearly 100% of particles smaller than 10 microns.

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